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The Online Video Revolution Comes to SMASH: Trends & Insights from Nielsen

2016 September 22
by Peter Hamilton

Is the viewing of channels falling off a cliff as the audience shifts to online platforms and devices? Nielsen‘s SVP Audience Insights Peter Katsingris kindly accepted my invitation to come up to the SMASH Conference at WGBH Boston to share his analysis and key takeaways. Then I moderated what turned out to be a great conversation […]

Digital Video Landscape: “Producers Out! Tech-savvy Marketers In!”

2016 September 9
by Peter Hamilton

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: It will be streamed, snapped, tweeted, and projected in virtual reality.” That’s the title of a presentation from tech strategist and investor Ashu Garg, who leads Foundation Capital. His big thesis is that hybrid producers/ tech-savvy marketers will develop the “cross-platform, data-driven video strategies that blur the line between content and advertising.” […]

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week. Fab Four Archive Case Study

2016 September 5
by Peter Hamilton
bearltes poster cloeup

I was thrilled when I heard that Apple Corps is the force behind a major cinema release of an archive-based documentary on the rise of The Beatles. Then I saw a rough cut of THE BEATLES: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, and for this early boomer, it delivers one emotional hit after another, song by song […]

Choppertown Rides Facebook Video to Earn Multiple Revenue Streams (2 of 3)

2016 August 29
by Peter Hamilton
fbvideo chopper

We continue our Case Study of Choppertown, the indie documentary producer that evolved into a model mini-network for the Facebook Era. Here is the link to Part 1 of 3 including Choppertown’s history and the sizzler. And a link to my 16-minute podcast audio conversation with Zack Coffman. Hybrid Revenue Streams In 2016, Choppertown evolved into a Facebook Video […]

Very Sad News: Mercury Media’s Tim Sparke

2016 August 26
by Peter Hamilton

We learned that our friend and partner Tim Sparke passed away on Wednesday after a long illness. Our condolences to Vidya, Abigail and Oliver, and to Tim’s friends and family. The funeral has now been confirmed for Friday 9th Sept at 1.30pm, at the Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester.   Tim’s family requested that any friends […]

Choppertown: A Model Facebook Network with 2.0 Million Friends. (Part 1 of 3)

2016 August 23
by Peter Hamilton
fbvideo chopper

The message of Choppertown is that documentaries can make money from Facebook. It is the story about how a deficit-funded, observational documentary evolved into a ground-breaking Facebook “channel.” Thanks to Zack Coffman for sharing the ups, downs, and ups again of the Facebook marketing engine Choppertown. Here is Part 1 of my Case Study on documentary strategies for […]

Reality TV’s Hidden War: Legal Battle with Discovery Highlights Rising Tensions (Variety)

2016 August 22
by Peter Hamilton

Unscripted producers are agitated by a legal conflict between Discovery and an established production company. The key underlying issue relates to production accounting practices. Variety‘s Cynthia Littleton covers the story thoroughly here. It’s an excellent must-read. Here is the opening and the link to the entire article. by Cynthia Littleton A legal battle over accounting practices that […]

Amazon, Netflix & Nat Geo: Notes from the ‘Post-Schedule’ Documentary Economy

2016 August 12
by Peter Hamilton

Recent press releases from Amazon, Netflix and Nat Geo reveal trends in the “Post-Schedule Economy”. I quickly applied several criteria to a sample of seven films, including Amazon’s 13-parter on Hugh Hefner. Five of them focus on Big Names (e.g., Hefner) and/or involve A-Listers in the production team (e.g., Leo Dicaprio). Four involve Crime, Violence […]